Best TV Settings For Gaming

Best tv settings for gaming can be an immersive experience. It’s a great option for playing games on your console. But sometimes there are issues while you game on tv. Because watching tv and gaming on tv are two different aspects. While gaming on tv you might come across input lag and that’s really disturbing.

You don’t need to worry too much about that. Here we will take you through some general tv settings that is best for gaming. You will enjoy playing console games on your tv with these. Let’s get going then.

Tv settings for gaming

In most of the tv’s there is something called game mode. This is a preset for gaming on your tv. You can easily get rid of the issues with gaming on your tv once you enter this mode. But not every tv has this feature. For those people without any game mode on their tv we give you some of the basic settings. These setting will eliminate the issues regarding gaming on your tv.

Go to your tv settings option and look for backlight. Take that to 100%. However, some tv’s don’t have this feature. If your tv doesn’t have that you can skip this one. Next up is the contrast. Pump your contrast up to 100%. Having a higher contrast will differentiate the colors in the game better. It’s very important for spotting different aspects in a game.

Keep the brightness at 50%. This mostly depends on personal preference. Keeping it at 50 is a good rule of thumb to start with. Now, if you want to remove input lag while gaming, take down the sharpness to 0. Keep the color settings at 50%.

These are the basic settings that every television should have in them. Aside from all these, there might be advanced settings which vary from tv to tv. We can’t tell you what to do with all those individuals.

It’s always better to turn off those advance options. Having them on might make the graphics better but it will affect the performance a lot. That’s why Because they tend to put pressure on the processing power of your tv. While gaming on your tv you would want to keep the pressure on your tv low. Otherwise you will definitely face input lag.

Once you are done with your tv settings start a game and check the performance. From there on you can make small adjustments in these settings to your own preference.


Well, there you go. We took you through some basic settings available in every tv. Tweak them and enjoy your favorite console games with a bigger screen. But keep in mind, these settings won’t magically make things better. If your tv has good processing ability and has good quality only then you will get the best experience. We also recommend creating a preset out of these settings so you can have your own game mode in your tv. Hope all the information helps you.

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