How far do mosquitoes travel?

How Far Do Mosquitoes Travel?

Mosquitoes can become a life-threatening bug from just a pesky insect really quick. If they aren’t controlled, they can breed fast. Getting rid of them or stopping them from dispersing can help you control the effects of mosquitoes.

They usually produce the eggs on the water filled buckets, rain water, backyard and gutters.

Almost 3000 kinds of mosquitoes are living in the world. They love to keep themselves around their breeding surface. So, mosquitoes fly around 1 and 1.5 miles hourly. Besides, it’s quite hard to track the mosquitoes.

Knowing how far do mosquitoes travel helps a lot in stopping their dispersion. The question isn’t that simple to answer. Let’s get on ahead to understand more about this factor.

How Far Can Mosquitoes Fly?

The straight answer to the question is there is no fixed distance for mosquitoes flying range. It mostly depends on their species, there nature, breeding location, the weather and the region. Depending on these mosquitoes may fly from meters to kilometers of distance.

So, even if you keep your backyard free of the water you aren’t completely safe from mosquitoes. Usually the mosquitoes we get to see around our backyards travel within a distance of 200 meters.

But that’s not something you can generalize. Because some mosquitoes can fly up to 20 Kilometers with the assistance of a strong wind. Besides,these mosquitoes mostly belong to the wetlands.

Scientist use various methods to find out how far mosquitoes can travel. A common and basic method is to track down their breeding habitat and their travelling distance. Doing this is very easy for the coastal wetlands. But for freshwater wetlands or a local city it’s really difficult to find out the suitable territory for mosquitoes.

For that reason, many scientists take a different approach to this problem. It’s called mark, release and recapture method. Here, they usually mark the mosquitoes and release then. Then track them down to their natural habitat and re-capture to determine the results.

However,this method led to some definite results that you can completely rely on. They found out that some mosquitoes don’t travel very far from the wet backyards. The distance seems to be in the 200 meters range in most cases.

Another kind of mosquito such as the wetland mosquitoes tend to travel more than five kilometers. So, you can easily say the flying range may vary from 200 meters to 5 kilometers depending on the type of mosquito.

Moreover, other kind of mosquito which breed in the houses such as Asian Tiger Mosquito usually fly around 300 feet. Their flying range is 1-3 miles. Some of them are flying more than 7 miles range. The saltmarsh breeders can move 20 to 40 miles.

Two kinds of mosquitoes named Aedes Aegypti and Aedes Albopictus can fly to many kilometers along with the vehicles. The mosquitoes can live in the pond and corners. They can dry out their eggs and survive their lifetime in the water. Thus, these kinds of mosquitoes can habituate to new ambiences and weathers.

Usually, mosquitoes flying with the winds and vehicles. According to research, Australian breed mosquito called Aedes vigilax or saltmarsh can fly miles to miles into the town marshlands.

But what’s the use of knowing this apart from general knowledge? Well, we need to know this to find out what kind of mosquitoes we are dealing with. Also, knowing their flying range helps you control their dispersion and breeding.

Nevertheless, there are many unknown facts you should know about mosquitoes. Likewise, Hong Kong government usually spend huge amount of cash to make the people aware about the risk of mosquitoes. They tried to declare to follow some necessary steps to stop the growth of mosquitoes.

Therefore, you can measure the flying range of mosquitoes. If you are doing this for your own research, then you need to track down the specific kind of mosquitoes where they probably can live. You must research more about different species of mosquitoes.

Scientists work on some experiments to track the mosquitoes with mark-release-experiments. When mosquitoes fly around their habitats, they leave their precise mark on the place. Recapturing the mosquitoes seems to be pretty easy with fluorescent powders, UV lights or other traps. Some scientists suggest trapping them with high elevated adhesive nets.

In many cases, these experiments can fail.

According to some research, Aedes aegypti can fly in the range of 100 to 200 meters. Mosquitoes can fly around 25 feet up from the ground. Besides, they can fly with the heavy wind. The flying speed of mosquitoes is on average 1.5 mph.  Most of the mosquitoes can fly more than 7 miles from where they produce their eggs.

As mosquitoes are dangerous for humans, you must know how to control them. Because, they can cause harmful diseases. You should take some necessary steps to get rid of the mosquitoes. Always check your garden area and clean frequently. Have some mosquito reducing plants like lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, catnip, lemon balm, garlic and etc. Never store water in tubs or buckets for long time.

Moreover, you must use insect-reducing sprays, creams roll on to stop mosquitoes. Even there are some mosquito repellant candles. You can do pest control if you can’t control it by yourself. Thus, use swatter to get rid of mosquitoes. The bacteria that mosquitoes carry can cause epidemics like malaria or dengue.  


Well, now you can figure out how far the mosquitoes around you will fly. Depending on that you can surely take the necessary steps to control their numbers. Don’t take mosquitoes lightly as they can spread diseases that are life-threatening. Their flight range will not only make you aware but also tell you if you should be worried or not.

Calling in pest control is obviously a wise choice. And if you can tell them how far the mosquitoes can fly it will save a lot of time and effort. Also, make sure to find out the best services around you.  

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