How to Fake Sleep

How to Fake Sleep

If you want to avoid people, prank someone, eavesdrop on other people’s conversations, or fool yourself, faking sleep is a helpful ability. Have you ever wished to be alone because you were bored of communicating with others? Yes, most likely. We’ve all been in a similar circumstance. Faking sleep is the most effective strategy to avoid people in this situation. If you’re sleeping, no one will bother you. You can also utilize this expertise to deceive others in a prank video.

Furthermore, humans are an intriguing species. So, if you’re curious and want to listen in on other people’s conversations, you can pretend to sleep. They’ll assume you’re sleeping and carry on with their private discussions. Also, we frequently pretend to sleep to deceive ourselves into sleeping.

However, if you want to master fake sleep, you will need to learn some techniques. Don’t worry! Below, we will teach you how to fake sleep.

Preparation for Fake Sleep

Faking sleep might sound easy, but it’s not. You need to be careful about your surroundings and your breathing technique. When we sleep, we breathe slowly. Our heart rate also stays low when we sleep. 

To fake sleep successfully, you need to practice slow breathing. You also have to keep your heart rate low so nobody realizes that you are awake. You can use a sleep tracker to monitor your breathing when you are actually sleeping. This tracker will help you know how slow your breathing should be when faking sleep.

Sometimes we react to our surroundings unknowingly, which can alert others. So, you have to control your reaction also while faking sleep. Moreover, you have to act tired and very sleepy before pretending to fall asleep. These preparations are necessary for successfully faking sleep.

Challenges That You Have to Face While Doing Fake Sleep

People will test you while you are trying to fake sleep. They will want to make sure whether you are sleeping or not. They might observe your breathing. If you are not breathing correctly, people will notice that. That’s why it is crucial to control your breathing.

People can also use the tickle method to test you. It is probably the most effective way to test whether you are sleeping or not. If you are impervious to tickling, you don’t have to worry about it. Usually, when someone is in a deep sleep, they don’t react instantly to tickles. But sensitive people will react to tickles quickly. 

They might also poke your face. But you can tackle this method by pretending to wake up. You have to act slowly to make it natural. Also, you can try to react unconsciously by rolling over to your other side.

Methods to Fake Sleep

Fake sleeping can help you in many ways. We will give you the proper guideline for faking sleep. By the end of this article, you will know how to fake sleep. 

Find a Natural Position

To perfectly imitate actual sleeping, you have to find a natural position for yourself. You can replicate the position in which you usually sleep. Try to keep your muscles relaxed, and don’t hold anything. Also, try to keep your body in a comfortable position to stay for an extended period.

Don’t Pinch Your Eyelids.

When we are sleeping, our facial muscles relax. So, you cannot squeeze your eyelids close. You have to relax your eyes and close them effortlessly. 

Keep Your Breathing Relaxed

You need to keep your breathing natural. In order to do that, you have to breathe slowly and also in a rhythmic way. Therefore, you need to practice controlled breathing before faking sleep.

Keep Your Movement Still

People do not move a lot when they are in a deep sleep. However, they react to their surroundings unconsciously. So, do not make any sudden movement and stay still. But if they poke you, you can imitate unconscious reactions.

Use Snoring Method

You can use this method if you usually snore while sleeping. Don’t use this method unless you snore in sleep. However, you can fake snore if the people around you don’t know whether you snore or not. Try to practice fake snoring beforehand.

Use Blankets to cover yourself.

If you can’t keep a natural facial expression while doing fake sleep, use blankets. Hide in a blanket so that no one notices your facial expressions. This method is risky because it is suspicious. 

Stay Motionless

Make your body weightless, and focus on relaxing your muscles. Keep your shoulder in a relaxed manner. This method will make your fake sleep more believable.

Use Your Glass

If you have difficulty keeping your eyelids relaxed, you can use a glass. Especially sunglass can help you to cover your eyes. When someone tries to take off your sunglasses, pretend to wake up.

Lie Flat on Your Stomach

This is another method that you can use if you can’t control your facial expression. Don’t move your head or your body. 

Use Sleep Talk Method

People usually don’t fake sleep talks. Humans often talk in their sleep unconsciously. However, they speak in a vague manner in their sleep. So, try saying few words or ambiguous sentences if you are faking sleep talk. 


Faking sleep is a lot more complicated than we imagine. To properly fake sleep, you must replicate how you usually sleep. Slow breathing, muscle relaxation, and unconsciously reacting to your surroundings are all the things you should practice.

 Regardless of which approach you use, you must ensure that you have prepared adequately for fake sleep. We’ve shown you how to fake sleep in this article so that you can deceive others as well as yourself.

To successfully stimulate sleep, you can use any of the methods listed above. Best of luck!

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