How to get rid of carpenter Bees WD40

How to get rid of carpenter Bees with WD40

Have you noticed random holes in the woods around your house? That’s most likely the work of carpenter bees. They are completely harmless to humans but they do damage your stuff. They might damage your house to the point that the roof might fall off on your head. Let alone your wooden furniture. No one will want to spend their hard-earned money on fixing furniture. So, if you don’t want carpenter bees to ruin your house, get rid of them as soon as possible.

However, getting rid of carpenter bees can be a difficult task. The best way to get rid of these bees is the infamous WD40 insect spray. It’s the most effective solution for any insect emergency in your house. And it works wonders with carpenter bees too. Let’s take a look at how to get rid of carpenter bees with WD40 and why you should get rid of them.

How Do You Track The Carpenter Bees?

Carpenter bees are mostly fuzzy yellow, and black. They look a lot like bumblebees because of their fuzzy yellow bodies. These bees have six legs and two pairs of wings. They are giant and have shiny hairless bodies. You will find the carpenter bees in the spring. It lives in the attics of your house and makes a hole to form its shell. Moreover, the carpenter bees generate a hole of 1- or 2-inch diameter. Look into the damp or scratched side of wooden items. They usually dig the hole in 90-degree turn and produce their eggs on the hole. Small carpenter bees form their nest in the flower stems. Though, carpenter bees are not destructive as honeybees. But you must track the carpenter bees and get rid of them as soon as possible.  

Why You Should Get Rid Of Carpenter Bees?

Carpenter bees are like bumblebees in a bigger size. Basically, the bees can damage your wooden furniture and essentials. They target the damp and soggy zones of wood. These bees dig a tunnel in the wood and cause great damage. Moreover, carpenter bees build their nests in unpainted woods. They can stay in places like window trim, porch ceiling, fence posts, and swing sets. Softer woods like cedar, redwood, and cypress are carpenter bees’ favorite. Female carpenter bees produce the eggs line by line. However, the problem will be worsened after the season. By the passing time of the season, the bees will back again and again to their nest. If you want to save your wooden essentials, you must get rid of carpenter bees. There are many homemade remedies and pest control ideas to kill the carpenter bees.

Let See How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Bees WD40

You can use other ways to get rid of carpenter bees too. For instance, covering the wood, painting them, or using other pesticides. There are also various other ingredients that can keep away the carpenter bees from your house. But if you want an effective solution then WD40 spray is the thing you need. It’s a sure shot at getting rid of carpenter bees from your house.

Another great thing about WD40 is the harmless nature of the spray. It doesn’t cause any harm to your health at all. It’s also safe near children. The container is very sturdy too.

Using this spray can work as prevention and a cure too. Therefore, you can use it beforehand or after you see the signs. That’s completely up to you.

What Is WD-40?

WD-40 is one kind of lubricant oil and water spray. The Water Displacement 40th formula is abbreviated as WD40. WD40 is a multi-purpose product. It moisturizes rusted metal parts, frees sticky mechanisms, and kills insects. Furthermore, it is used for protecting the moist of surface. Moreover, WD40 can also remove sticky spots of your house. You can also use it for other household chores as well. WD40 contains silicone or Teflon which makes it harmless. Another important fact about WD40 is that it is waterproof. This is quite thin fluid which helps to secure the technical items. It can be used to get rid of persistent and oxidized items. Its spray form is very effective against insects. The spray will help you to kill the carpenter bees. 

Review Of Multi-Use Product WD-40 

WD-40 is one of the best spray lubricants used for multiple purposes. Its formula is effective for various purposes. You can use WD-40 to lubricate rusted parts free of sticky mechanisms to eliminate pests. WD-40 can keep moisture out and lubricate rusted metals. It is also safe for rubber, woods, and most plastics. WD-40 has corrosion-resistant ingredients which protect the metal from corrosive elements. You can loosen rust-metal bonds and free frozen metals using WD-40. Moreover, its formula allows you to remove excessive bonding materials. It has more than 2000 applications.

You can use it to prevent rust. You can spray it while assembling filters, motors, or anything with a bolt. It can even protect stainless motors, seals, pump bolts, and screws.

You can also clean filters using WD40. It can clean the diatomaceous earth in the filter. Moreover, you can free your filter from debris and prevent leakage. WD40 can kill almost any other kind of insect. WD40 can help you to get rid of carpenter bees’ infestation. Especially, the straw of WD40 is very effective to use in beehives.

WD40 is a multi-use product because of its many applications. You can use it for everything from lubricating rusted metal parts to spraying wasps. And, the smart straw of WD40 adds more value to the product. 

Key Features

  • WD-40 is a multi-use spray. Its multi-purpose lubricant can protect various tools. 
  • Its long-lasting spray can protect wheels, engines, hinges, and all nuts and bolts. 
  • WD-40 has five functions. It stops squeaks, removes and protects, loosens rusted parts, frees sticky mechanisms, and drives out moisture. 
  • WD-40 is also safe for woods, plastics, and rubber. You can apply it on your bike, sports equipment, furniture, and tools.
  • The WD40 smart straw can readily access confined locations.


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • It lubricates moving parts like wheels, hinges, and chains.
  • WD40 protects metals from rust and corrosion.
  • It removes corrosion and paint.
  • It works as a wasp spray. 


  • WD40 cannot clean firearms

Where You Will Find WD-40?

Therefore, you will find the WD-40 in the hardware shops, specific grocery shops, and gas stations. The lubricant oil water-based spray is low-priced and consistent.

Now let’s check out how to use it properly to get rid of those bees.

Using The Spray

First of all, get a bottle of WD40 from any local store. It’s a pretty popular product that you can find almost in every hardware store. Then you need to mark all the spots where you might see some signs of infestation. Small drilled holes are the sign of carpenter bees’ infestation. These holes are about 1\2 to 1 inch deep. Moreover, these holes have sawdust and yellow stains around them. The female bees have the responsibility to drill the hole. On the other hand, the male bees fly around the hole while the female bees are drilling. However, make sure to cover all the spots.

While you are doing that you need some kind of protective clothes. You can wear gloves and goggles. WD40 is harmless but bees can be dangerous. Because female bees can sting you when they feel threatened.

To spray WD40, you need to attach its straw to the can and place the straw into the hive. Usually, these straws are at least 2.5 cm long. Then you have to spray the hole for three days to make sure all the bees are dead.

Begin with the places wherever you see holes. Moreover, those are the most infected areas in your house. Then look for other places that might become possible places of infestation. You should not leave any possible place of infestation. Because the spray works great as prevention to these bees too. It will not only affect the bees it also eliminates the eggs of the bees as well. Moreover, you can use WD40 on all wooden structures as a preventive measure because WD40 doesn’t harm woods.

Using the spray in such manner will definitely last for a long time. And if you aren’t satisfied with the way things turn out you can use the spray two, three times more. Nevertheless, it should work on the first attempt considering the quality.

Finally, you have to cover the hole with caulk. Then varnish it to prevent the bees from entering the holes again. While spraying, focus more on female bees because they usually fly out of the hole.

When you are buying the product make sure it’s the original one. As the spray is a renowned and trusted product there are clones of the same thing out there. So, be careful of that.

Alternate Ways To Get Rid Of Carpenter Bees

There are some alternative choices to kill carpenter bees. Spraying the Foaming Aerosol can be used for killing the bees. You can use the spray with straw applicator as well. Sealing the affected areas can protect the wood from the harmful carpenter bees. There are also many insect sprays in the market, you can buy them. Nevertheless, you can also look for some home remedies like natural sprays of oranges or lemon, oil mixture, garlic and vinegar. You can seal the holes with the woven wires. Varnishing or coloring the affected zone can be an instant solution for you. You can also hit the carpenter bees with the mosquito racquets. Instead of all these, WD-40 is the most effective one.

How To Prevent The Carpenter Bees?

The carpenter bees can come back again in the season or other times. So, you must have to follow some precautions to avoid the carpenter bees. You can use essential oils, wood preservatives or non-chemical products to prevent the carpenter bees.

You can spray WD40 again on possible areas of infestation to prevent the bees. Moreover, you can also use non-chemical products like almond oil and homemade natural spray. it is also possible to get rid of carpenter bees without killing them. You can play loud music to drive them away or use hardwoods instead of softwoods. Carpenter bees are very sensitive to noise. So, they will leave the infestation areas if they hear loud music.


WD40 is the easiest solution for getting rid of carpenter bees. Carpenter bees are harmful to our properties. They destroy our wooden structures and cause us a lot of loss. So, it is very important to repel carpenter bees.

To sum things up there is no better solution to carpenter bees than WD40. Still, if you aren’t someone to use chemicals or sprays then you can look for other ways too. But the more ways you go to the more they will lead you back to WD40. That’s something happening for quite a while now. Take care of your wooden essentials more than before. Always be careful about the carpenter bees and prevent them.

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