How to Hump a Pillow

How to Hump a Pillow

The idea of humping a pillow sounds nearly embarrassing. As difficult as it is to understand, pillow humping is an old habit practiced by males and females. It is probably something one of us may have tried to do at one or another. For those that have no hint of what this is, the question in your mind right now is How to Hump a Pillow

Why does a person hump a pillow?

As people go through their adolescent years, the desire for sexual excitement gains. They find different ways of doing this, including feeling their bodies. Also touching their most covered parts for happiness, and even searching for sex toys to fulfill their sexual needs. Self-masturbation is what self-pleasuring is all about. Some people use their pillows for sexual relief. Pillow humping is a method that pertains to rising and grinding on a pillow for sexual enjoyment. It feels more like dry humping another soul.

How to hump a pillow step by step

Humping a pillow is not an impossible thing to do, but it comes with fluctuations. Both girls and guys have unique ways of pleasing their sexual needs by humping a pillow. Below are the different techniques to use for the best enjoyment from the pillow.

  1. Place the pillow between your legs.

One good posture to take while humping your pillow is lying down and sitting on the cushion between the legs. The best lying position for this technique is with the face facing down on your bed. Lying down with a face-down position does not give you much activity space, but you can try grinding against the pillow for more effects.

  1. Place a folded pillow between your legs.

A more satisfying position or process would be to fold the pillow in half and place it between the legs. With the pad crumpled in half, you get extra room for movement, a more solid surface, and better chances of grinding against the best pillow. With the pillow folded in half, you also have more opportunities of using your favorite toy to hump away.

  1. Choose your pillow firmness preference.

The firmness of the pillow you use for satisfying your needs is also essential. If you want a pillow that you can shake on and one that can move between your legs with ease, go for a soft model. If you need more pressure and stability from humping the pillow, go for a complicated model.

  1. Stack the pillows up

Another way of satisfying yourself is by using a Stack of two or three pillows. A stack of two to three pillows comes with a higher thickness that provides you with a better spring to push up and down. Moreover, lying on your back, you can try kneeling with the stack of pillows for more pleasure.

  1. Experiment with pillows of different sizes and shapes

If you want more pleasure from humping the pillow, do not hold to that one size and shape that you have on your bed. Go for different sizes and shapes with more density. Humping an enclosure pillow is different from humping a rectangular cushion. Sometimes, take a body pillow with a firmer outline and hump on it over the regular sleeping pillow. You can also try the throw pillows occasionally for that different thrill.

Some tips on how to hump a pillow 

You can follow these tips while humping a pillow. 

  • Ensure that you pick the correct pillow

Select pillows with a body shape if you want to get the nicest out of your humping session. Long and stiff pillows do significantly better than short ones. You do not have to settle on just one shape but try researching various forms to create ultimate pleasure. You can also pair up the pillow with your best sex toy for extra orgasmic happiness.

  • Get yourself in the right mood.

To make the whole humping method more exciting, get yourself into the mood by doing anything you are confident will turn you on. You could pick up a sensual book, watch a romantic movie, or replay a past hot video. Establishing the mood right enables you to simulate orgasm. You should also ensure that you are lonely with no chances of anyone stopping your session.

  • Hump the pillow on a full bladder

Humping the pillow with a full bladder enables you to boost pressure from within your body, which in turn stimulates sexual emotions that give better orgasmic experiences.

  • Go for another round.

Do not stop when you achieve the first orgasmic sensation, but have a second session. The second wave of satisfaction is even more exciting than the first one.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Is pillow humping safe?

Yes, pillow humping is safe as it is dry humping without any penetration. The pillow is soft, which means it will not give rise to any harm to the body. Humping the pillow does not come with any dangers of pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. If you are testing pillow humping with a partner, you should communicate your STI status.

  1. Is orgasm possible with pillow humping?

Yes, you can accomplish the most thrilling, toe-curling orgasm with pillow humping. Pillow humping is like masturbation, which accumulates sexual anxiety and creates an incredible release.

  1. Can I get STIs from pillow humping?

The assumption is because it is dry humping, you may not get any STIs from the entire method because you are not bargaining with human flesh. On the other hand, you can contract STIs from pillow humping, mainly if you contact a sick person’s fluids. 

Through skin-to-skin contact, you can also get some STIs such as HPV, crabs, and genital herpes. If you are with a partner whose status you do not know, use condoms, dental walls, and keep your clothes on during the pillow humping process. Besides, you have nobody to worry about if you are doing it alone because you are safe.


Adding humping to your sexual repertoire is a low-risk choice to intercourse and a fun way to step up your foreplay game. If you follow these instructions, you can hump a pillow without hassle. 

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