How to Make a Fifi?

How to Make a Fifi?

The pleasure that you get from sex is unbeatable. However, it’s not always possible to have someone to satisfy your needs. Sometimes you have to be satisfied. There are many sex toys that you can buy to meet your needs. But these products are expensive. So, if you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on sex toys, you can make a homemade vagina called Fifi.

Fifi, also known as fleshlight, pocket pussy, or artificial vagina, is a penis-piercing sex device. You can get a similar penetrative pleasure on your own by using a Fifi. Moreover, you can make a fifi using some handy products from your home. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to make a Fifi. In this article, we will show you the process of making a fifi Stay With

What Is a Fifi?

Fifi is a portable and reusable hole for men to penetrate. You can get a wet and warm feeling of penetration using a fifi. If you seek solo pleasure, fifi is one of the best options. 

The good news is you can make fifi using some household products. Fifi generally fits every penis that goes into it. That’s why it is called pocket pussy. You can buy different models of fifi if you have the budget for it. These products usually cost around $60 – $100.

But you can easily make a fifi in your home with some art and craft skills. You can bring your inner artisan out and make a homemade vagina.

Process of Making a Fifi

There are different options that you can resort to while making a fifi. But the basic necessities are a container, soft material, and lubricant. Below, you will learn how to make a fifi using different methods.

Cornstarch Fifi

Making a cornstarch fifi is a good idea, but it doesn’t usually work. Because it is not well built and is uncomfortable. In this method, you have to put cornstarch in a glass of water and microwave it. Then you have to dig a penis-shaped hole in the cornstarch and microwave it again.

Sock Fifi

Sock fifi is functional and straightforward. Three pairs of socks, rubber bands, and a glove are all you need. You will have to put the glove in the middle of the two folded pairs of socks. Then, you will need to put the third pair of socks around the device. Use the rubber band to secure the third pair of socks. Next, place another rubber band around the glove. Put some lube into the glove before using it.

Sponge Fifi 

Sponge fifi is probably the best option to stimulate penetration because of its bouncy character. Fill a can or a similar object with sponges, and then wrap a latex glove around the top. Next, pour some lube into the latex glove, and use a rubber band to secure the glove to the can. But use pillowy sponges if you are using this method.

Condom and Towel Fifi

This method is helpful if you are in a hurry. It is a straightforward method, and you can quickly make it using a towel and a condom. If you don’t like complex processes, you can try making a fifi using this method. First, warm a towel for a few minutes using a dryer. Then make it wet using hot water. Finally, put a condom on your penis and cover it with a towel. The warm and wet towel will give you the sensation of penetration, and the condom will provide some lubrication. This simple method can give you an intense feeling.

Meat Fifi

Penetration is flesh on flesh feeling. So, it would be more practical if you used actual meat to simulate penetration. Wrap your penis with a warm piece of meat or stuff raw meat in an empty can. However, wash your penis before using this method because raw meats contain bacteria. Actual meat can give you a sensation that you simply cannot get from other materials.

How to Use a Fifi?

Using a fifi is pretty simple. However, if you want to learn the technique perfectly, here are some guidelines for using a fifi.

First, test the fifi with your finger. Don’t put your penis into it if you feel any sharp points because these sharp points could be painful and uncomfortable for your penis. 

Then, lubricate your fifi with a sexual lubricant or a skin lotion. But you should never use soap or shampoo because these are harmful to sensitive skins. Also, to get an erection, you can use a lubricating agent on your penis. 

You have to make your penis hard before penetrating a fifi. Use your imagination to get aroused or watch porn beforehand. Once you have a hard penis, you are ready for penetration. Thrust your penis into the fifi and move it back and forth until you climax. After ejaculating, you can clean your homemade fifi or discard it.

Frequently Asked Question

What does ‘fifi’ mean?

Fifi is prison slang to refer to a fake vagina. Prisoners usually make fake vaginas using whatever materials they have to get the pleasure of penetration. Prisoners typically don’t have the opportunity to experience real sexual pleasure in jail.


Sexual pleasure is one of the essential needs of a man. And penetration is one of the most effective ways to get sexual pleasure. But not every man has a partner who can give them this pleasure. Sometimes you are on your own. You have to fulfill your desires yourself. 

You can use various sex toys to satisfy yourself. But a fake vagina can give you the similar pleasure of actual penetration. Moreover, you don’t have to spend your money on sex toys because you can easily make a fifi in your home. We showed you how to make a fifi in this article. Now, you can easily fulfill your sexual needs. Good luck!

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