How To Make Lip Gloss

How To Make Lip Gloss

Have you tried a lot of lip gloss but they don’t satisfy you? Well, you don’t need to look for other ones either. Because here we will tell you how you can make lip gloss at your home. You can add your own color, scent and many more.

Also, you won’t have to look for the perfect lip gloss that costs you whole lot of money. You can just make your own without having to spent extra money for a lip gloss.

We will be sharing a Vaseline based one so you can easily make it at your home. Let’s get on with the process.

Making Lip Gloss

It’s not a must to use Vaseline, you can use any other petroleum jelly for making lip gloss. For flavors and colors make sure to use products that are easy to melt.

  1. Firstly, take some Vaseline into a bowl. Make sure the bowl is microwave safe. Take at least 30 ml of Vaseline there.
  2. Then add some lipstick of your desired color in the bowl. Don’t use too much lipstick if you are looking for something light. The more lipstick you add the deeper shade you will get. You can use eyeshadow or blush instead of lipstick if you want. You can also add some glitter to the mixture if you are looking for glittery lip glosses.
  3. Before you mix the whole thing put it in a microwave or on a double boiler. Keep that there for 10 seconds. This will melt the lipstick and make it easy to mix. If it doesn’t melt keep it there for 10 or 20 seconds more.
  4. Now, use a spoon and mix the whole thing really well. stir the mix for 10 seconds at least. Make sure the mixture doesn’t clutter anywhere. Also, it’s better to use the disposable spoon because you won’t have to clean it off later on.
  5. While your mixture is melted transfer that to a container. It’s getting easier if you do it soon after mixing the whole thing. Take a container where you want to put the lip gloss in. You can take prefer to keep the lip gloss in. You can easily find squeezable lip glosses tubes for better convenience. Just have to choose a container that has a lid.
  6. Once you transfer it to a container let it cool down before you use it. It would take at least 20 minutes to cool down. You can keep it in a freezer to make the process faster. When the mixture sets down you can start using it.


There you go now you won’t need to spend extra money on lip gloss. You can just use the Vaseline you have at your home with a little bit of lipstick. It’s a great way to save up some money as well as get your favorite lip gloss. Also, you will be making it on your own there is that satisfaction as well.

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