How To Tell If A Guy Has A Small Package

How To Tell If A Guy Has A Small Package

Size doesn’t mean a thing. Curiosity might run wild when you’re meeting a new person or are interested in a guy for the first time. When he isn’t looking, you can’t help but glance at his package with your own eyes.

 Is it vast and well-endowed? You can’t help but wonder about it. Regardless, do you know how to identify if a guy has a little package or not? 

There are two types of women—those who like a more petite man and those who prefer a large one. You’ll never find a woman who says she doesn’t care about the size of his package. 

When you’re seeing someone new, it’s natural to be concerned about how you’ll be able to have a sexual relationship with them if you’re worried about their size. Now we will discuss some amazing facts about how to tell if a guy has a small package. 

Making an emotional connection is the first step, he insists

Many people worry if men can do this, but it’s more prevalent than you might expect. A man with a tiny penis won’t entice you by grinding into you or sending you a photo since he sees his condition as a defect.

 Instead, he prefers to let you get to know him first and fall in love with him as a person before pulling the trigger. He’s well aware that the odds of you being rejected are much lower if you like him.

He stays away from penis-related topics like the plague

Understandably, some men would rather avoid the subject altogether. Small penis size still has a stigma, even though many know that quality isn’t exclusively focused on size. As unfortunate as it is, most guys who aren’t much of a packer see their shortcomings in the same light. 

Your man’s penis may not be the most crucial topic of conversation, but if the discussion turns toward it, he’s telling you something.

Fat stomach

Another tell-tale sign is his tummy. Smaller is his penis. A man’s physique has little or nothing to do with the actual measurement of his penis. There’s a good chance that the few extra inches of the shaft that the fat envelops will significantly impact how much of him you get to experience.

His confidence in his manhood is artificial

Obscene wealth, creativity, erectile dysfunction (ED), and enormous masculinity energy are all things that can’t be faked. Men with small manhoods should proudly display their small energy badges to avoid looking like a fool. Faking confidence, walking with an attitude, and picking personalities that don’t fit them are all signs of men who have a small penis. 

Look for the index finger length of a man

If you look at a man’s index finger, you can understand how significant his genital organs are. It’s as simple as asking him to make an “L” with his index and thumb. These guys’ index fingers and thumbs are an excellent representation of what an erect pen would be like. When it comes to finger length, you can’t do it without explicitly asking him to show you how long his ring finger is, no matter what type of finger length it is.

 You may say you’re comparing the size of his fingers to your own to see if there’s any difference. If you ask him, he may already know what you’re up to, as this is a well-known fact.

His back is a sight to behold

A man’s butt and penis have been shown to have a direct association. That’s what I’ve done. Some cultures believe that men with flat buttocks are more likely to pack on the front pounds than vice versa.

Some studies show that the opposite is true. 

Pay attention to his posture

Analyzing the way he sits might give you a good idea of his penis size. It’s likely that he was forced into this position by some external force.

It’s essential to pay attention to the way males sit whenever you see them. Their legs may appear to symbolize protection if they sit with their legs wide apart or struggle to cross their legs correctly. As long as he doesn’t have any issues sitting down, he’ll be pretty okay as a grower when the time comes. 

The way males sit can also help you get a bit more mathematical. You may obtain an estimate of his package size by measuring the distance from his knees to his feet and then dividing it by two when guys sit with their feet together and their knees apart.

He claims to support the “size doesn’t matter ideology”

When a man consistently faves the “size doesn’t matter” camp, he’s merely riding the wave of self-pity. The man you’re crushing on may have something in store for you if he’s always supportive and even writes or talks about how size doesn’t matter.


No matter how big or tiny a penis is, you’re not going to have the best relationship with it. As long as the carrier is interested in you, the size of the gift doesn’t matter. As a result, don’t let a man’s little penis fool you into thinking he’s not worth your time. 

Because of their shame, men who haven’t gotten fat may have difficulty finding a mate. However, for some girls, the package men carry is critical, and many questions arise, such as how to tell if a guy has a small package and how to discern whether a guy has a modest package before they settle. 

The most crucial quality for men of this calibre is the ability to be accepted. Having a massive natural package offers one an unfathomable sense of pride, even though there are numerous techniques to do it.

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