How to get into Investment Banking

How to get into Investment Banking

Making money sure isn’t easy if you are following the honest path. And if you want 100 percent assurance of making money then getting into investment banking would be the wisest choice. As they are the connecting medium for big businesses.

But going into investment banking isn’t that easy. You will need to work on some strategies and skills to make it there. That’s why we will guide you on how to get into this from the scratch.

Getting Into Investment Banking

Let’s check out the various aspects for getting into investment banking-

  1. Figuring out the recruitment: First of all, you will need to figure out the recruitment process of investment banking. You will have to go through detailed research of the industry that you are willing to get into. As you will be handling a lot of responsibilities the recruitment process won’t be that easy on you. From there you will need to find out the skills that will keep you ahead of the competition for the job of an investment banker.
  1. Learn the entry points: Once you have knowledge of the recruitment process next step is to get into that. And to get an entry on the field you will need to know where they actually are. You will need to know about the positions that you can aim for as a newbie. The appropriate position in investment banking is certainly the M&A position. It gives you the best benefits of it as a whole.
  1. Make yourself eligible: After you have gained knowledge and insights about the industry and job you should start preparing. If you are certain about the career choice you made of investment banking then start preparing early. Preparing yourself here implies getting an MBA degree from a top University, focusing on keeping a good GPA throughout your studies, and making networks as much as you can. While you build a network focus on keeping up with the existing investment bankers or top bankers.
  1. Enhance yourself: After you attain all the basic needs of investment banking you do something more to increase your chances. Doing more means getting better at the technical stuff related to it. The best way to do that is through mastering the evaluation of financial statements, equity valuation, and through financial modeling. And for the software, well just become a pro of Microsoft Excel.
  1. Get into investment banking with skills: To make something out of investment banking you will need to become a salesman. You will need excellent communication skills. Knowing the industry is a prerequisite for getting success in the job. And you have to work hard to make it as a good investment banker otherwise you will be wasting your time and effort.


Well, if you are considering investment banking as a career then you should get onto it right now. Go through these strategies and keep reminding yourself about the goals. The career option is certainly a wise choice if your wish is to earn money the right way. Hopefully this guide will help you get started with your journey.

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