Where to get a cashier’s check without a bank account

Where to get a cashier’s check without a bank account

Whenever you are trying to sell something of high value, it’s always better to rely on a cashier’s check. With a traditional check, you will always run the risk of that check getting bounced. Then you just have to look for the person who gave you the check. But with a cashier’s check, you don’t have any risks of incurring that loss. Cashier’s check can be the instant solution for your problem.

Let’s dig a little deep, to know about how to get a cashier’s check without a bank account?

What is a cashier’s check and how does it work?

A cashier’s check simply means the bank is liable to give you the money if you have got a cashier’s check from that bank. However, it doesn’t matter who gave you the check or if they have funds in their own individual account. So, as a seller, you will always get your money no matter what. Also, cashier’s checks clear much quicker than personal checks.

This is mostly required for making large purchases because businesses don’t prefer personal checks. So, if you want to buy something really expensive then you might need one. Let’s see how you can get one.

When you will need a cashier’s check?

If you don’t have a credit or debit card for paying the largest payments, you will need the cashier’s check. So far, it is a harmless choice for you. When you are going to paying down payment of restaurant, house, apartment, or car. Otherwise, you will need the cashier’s check while transferring money. If you are a consumer, then you can use the cashier’s check for paying bills to any vendor or others. Using a cashier’s check can give your additional safety benefits like signatures of bank officers for confirmation or the watermark of any bank.

Getting a cashier’s check without a bank account

To get a cashier’s check you don’t necessarily need a bank account. There are some banks that give cashier checks to their customers. Although you will need to pay an additional fee for this. Below is the process of getting a cashier’s check.

  • First of all, you will need to transfer the amount from your account that you have to pay through check.
  • Then you will need to tell the name of the recipient of the check. Also, you will need to provide your own personal information to issue the check.
  • There is an additional fee for issuing a cashier’s check from a bank where you don’t have an account. This fee varies from bank to bank. You can also have your cashier’s check delivered to you online. You will need to pay some additional delivery charges for that as well. Also, some banks don’t have any additional fee for issuing a cashier’s check.
  • After you pay all the fees you can get a cashier’s check of your desired amount.

There are some things you will need to be wary of. You can’t get this service from any random bank. There are some banks that offer cashier’s checks only to their regular customers. In that case, you can always get one online or call your nearest banks to find if they provide that service or not. Otherwise, you will need to open a bank account if you plan to use this service more often.

How can you avoid the scams of cashier’s check?

You will find numerous scams of cashier’s check like online merchant payments, secretive consumer, raffle draw or unusual legacy notifications.There are few safety tips for avoiding the scams of cashier’s check. At first, you must be careful while paying someone you don’t know. Never send products before the clearance of the cashier’s check.

Thus, you must inform the bank if you find the check is a scam. If your suspect is justified, then bank can hold the fund immediately. The bank won’t accept the scam check. Moreover, you need to wait to use the money for more than few days until you get the confirmation from bank. Check the contact details like address and phone number. Call the bank for verifying the check and details.

What are the substitute ways of cashier’s check?

Consequently, you will find some alternate ways of cashier’s check. Let’s find out the substitute ways.

Certified checks

The certified checks are one kind of personal check like cashier’s check. Here, you may need a bank account or a certified statement of bank. Bank assurances the check to the receiver.  The certified checks can be risky. Because, it is quite easy to forge the check.  

Digital payments

There are many social payment apps you can use to pay your bills. Basically, it can be helpful for your family and friends. Transfer money from your account without any hassle through your device. Thus, it will be done without paying extra fees.

Wire transfers

Your payment will be sent with an electronical medium when you are choosing the wire transfer. But it is quite costly than cashier’s check or certified check. However, wire transfer can’t be the instant solution. You must wait some days to complete the transfer.

Money orders

Money orders are safer than other alternatives. But you must need to follow limitations while using money orders. There are no such limitations in cashier’s check. So, it can be the best choice for paying the larger amounts.


Well, there you go. We went through all the crucial aspects of a cashier’s check. It’s obviously a better option for the sellers to avoid any kind of risk. So, as a seller, you must know the usability of a cashier’s check. And as a buyer, you will need it because it’s obviously better than carrying a lot of cash or paying through cards. Even if you lost the cashier’s check, you can purchase the check again. You just need to sign a caution bond of the bank for replacement. It will take 30 to 90 days for getting the replacement check on your doorstep. Always choose the risk-free medium for financial transactions.

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